Apr 1

Happy National Office Warfare Day (Apirl Fools)

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Ahh what a year it has been. Things have changed around here since last year on national office warfare day, first of all, we added OWEXEC. This tool has revolutionized April fools day, it easily and safely runs programs on your co-workers computers in the logged in users context, what this means is that you can run ArrangeByImage or SetVol or Boo or Faketop or any of our other annoying programs from your computer but have it show up on their computer. Here are some examples of how to do it.

First download owexec and stick in a folder you can get to with a command prompt. Then download your annoying tool of choice from the downloads page and put it in the same folder. Now run a command like this

owexec -c theirComputerName -k boo.exe -copy

or for ArrangeByImage

owexec -c it_theirComputerName -k ArrangeByImage.exe -p “-silent -smiley” -copy

now go forth and cause frustration.

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Jan 20

LBU Added

Category: News

Some time ago I wrote a program called LBU that executes a series of commands on a set of computers. This can be quite handy for all sorts of reason. I would like to make up some reason you could use this to annoy you friends but I think this one is more useful. Oh well. Either way check out the LBU page at the top for some instructions and a download.

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Dec 31

Happy Default Birthday

Category: News

I thought this was a bit funny so I figured I should share.  A lot of people have been receiving happy birthday emails from various forums and blogs that they subscribe to.  Why you might ask?  Simply because the default on most forums for your birthday is midnight  GMT January 1st.  So at midnight minus your timezone today it became your birthday!  Blow out your candles and get back to bothering your friends.

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Oct 5

Updates to owexec and ArrangeByImage

Category: News

Thanks to the users out there a bug was discovered in owexec that didn’t allow parameters to pass correctly when using multiple parameters. After diligent hours of work I have brought you a shiny new version that no longer has this bug.

Further while I was testing it using ArrageByImage I realized ArrageByImage didn’t work in Windows 7 so I took a quick stab at that and now we have a recently updated version of ArrangeByImage all Windows 7 ready.


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Jun 3

Update to Window Hider (Kill Switch)

Category: Defense,Tool

So I got to thinking the other day that another potentially nice feature for WindowHider would be a kill switch.  In case of course your boss knows you use WindowHider and comes by looking to see what you are up to, with then intention of double clicking on WindowHider in the task bar and choosing to show the windows.

So ofcource I went ahead and added a kill switch.  Go to the settings page and configure another key combonation, just like you do for the key combo to hide windows.  Then when that key combo is triggered any hidden windows will be closed and so will window hider itself.   Go ahead and download the newest version at the WindowHider page.


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